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Smile Kudasai, Ch. 3 (MIO Junta – 三尾じゅん太)

Hi everyone!!! How are you? Christmas is SO close, oh my God! We might have been hiding the good stuff for a while now but you’ll see next week! For now, we have Smile Kudasai with this cute seme. (*^▽^*)

Thanks to our lovely joint partners, Hoshi and STK, they seriously rock! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) From our team, Elena, Delia and Tim did a fantastic job! ♡♡♡

Please, we REALLY need Translators, help us by applying! ( p_q)

Happy reading and have a nice day!

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(Of your new life as a slave, you mean).

Smile Kudasai, Ch. 1-2.2 (MIO Junta – 三尾じゅん太)

Hi lovely people! Today we’re having the first chapters of Smile Kudasai. Mio Junta’s art is so nice, hope you enjoy these cuties. That long haired boy… Heh. (≖﹃≖) By the way, does the image from the post look stretched to anyone when you’re seeing the post in the blog or is it a problem only on my end? Maybe it has to do with Tumblr setting fixed measures for images? How could that be fixed, in case a resize would work (are there set measures)? > < (Edit: the problem’s been fixed. Thanks for the opinions/help!).

Thanks to STK and Hoshi for the joint, awesome people to work with. From our team, Ashe, Weii, and Tim took part. (๑• •๑)♡

Next, we want to announce that we have no active staff working on our projects (school is making us sweat) saving two people, so please help us out by applyingif you can yourself or you know of someone who may be interested. We are recruiting Japanese Translators (must be able to translate with or without furigana) and Cleaners (we provide training if you have a graphic tablet and are willing to become a long term member). You can check more about the positions here. Shoot us an email at yaoislife2@gmail.com if you’re up for helping us out!

Enjoy today’s release and have a nice day!

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