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Interval Zero, Ch. 4 (SUZUKURA Hal – 鈴倉温; WATARUMI Naho – 渡海奈穂)

Hello! We bring you more Interval today. Tasuku is surrounded by assh*les, the poor kid… Hang in there, boy!

Thanks to Umi, cirrus, Ashe, Delia and Tim for this chapter. ♡

We finally found a Korean Translator for TC, thank you for your kindness! (。・ω・。)

IMPORTANT: We’ve been asked why it’s taking us so long to release projects like 3-manen no Kareshi, Hitotsu Futatsu Himitsu, Smile Kudasai, etc. It’s not because we don’t have scans, but because we have no cleaners. It’s always reduced to that. We haven’t had anyone joining us since January this year in cleaning, and that’s a loooong time. We currently have no active cleaners besides me (and being a University student there’s a limit to what I can do), and no one truly sticks around for training. The projects you see us releasing are either cleaned by kind non-English groups who provide us with scans too, or the from-time-to-time thing I clean. So please, if you wantcan (meaning you will respect deadlines and will stick around with us) and are willing to undergo a training that requires some work on your part even though we provide you with everything you might need, join us. We really do need the help.

Enjoy your reading and have a nice day!

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Interval Zero, Ch. 3 (SUZUKURA Hal – 鈴倉温; WATARUMI Naho – 渡海奈穂)

Hello, hope you’re having a great Saturday! We bring you a dose of teen drama today, haha, these kids…

Thanks to Uminonaka, catswhimsy, Ashe, Christine, and Bee for this chapter! ( ^∇^)

Help very much needed with the following positions: Cleaner and Dust Eraser. If you’re interested, read this and send us an email at yaoislife2@gmail.com

Enjoy your reading and have a nice day!

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Interval Zero, Ch. 2 (SUZUKURA Hal – 鈴倉温; WATARUMI Naho – 渡海奈穂)

Hi everyone! More Interval~ :-)

Thanks to Uminonaka, Teio, Ashe, Shari and Bee for this chapter!

We’re in special need of JAPANESE TRANSLATORS and DUSTERS right now. Remember that for the Duster position no experience nor special requirements are needed because we offer training but having a lot of free time is a must. Consider applying or spreading the word out, pretty please! (シ_ _)シ

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Interval Zero, Ch. 1 (SUZUKURA Hal – 鈴倉温; WATARUMI Naho – 渡海奈穂)

Hello lovelies! The amazing season 5 of Game of Thrones already ended (and it was a huge what the hell). Now all there’s left is the torture of waiting another year, orz. Anyway! Onto the release, we bring you the first chapter of Interval Zero today. We’re halfway done with the manga so the next few chapters should come soon. ^w^

Thanks to Teio, Ashe, Lavi, Emma, and Bee! (´(エ)`)

We want to ask people out there that want to help us out, as we really need staff right now (all positions open!). The lack of new staff might even affect our releasing schedule, something we never thought of before. Applicants must have a fair amount of free time (and not for a couple weeks only). Remember that we offer training for Cleaners, Typesetters and Dusters so no previous experience is needed. More info in this announcement, and the Join Us section up there in the menu. Please consider applying, we’d be forever grateful! (シ_ _)シ

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