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I Love All of You Extra (KAKINE – カキネ)

Hi everyone! This was one of the oneshots we would have included in Secret Pack #4, but since it was an extra to Katappashi Kara Zenbu Koi (I Love All of You) included in the Sofure Buka! tanko Hoshi‘s been working on, we teamed up and here it is! We won’t be taking down this oneshot, but we won’t upload it to our online reader either, just in case.

Next time you hear from us it will be most likely our 5th Anniversary release. 5 YEARS, ohmygod. Please look forward to it!

Thanks to Hoshi, Bibi and Cocoly of Yaoi Boys, Shelby and Kaze for their hard work on this extra! o(^^o)

Happy reading and have a nice day! ♡

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