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Hitotsu Futatsu Himitsu, Ch. 6-8 -End- (SASAMARU Yuuge – 笹丸ゆうげ)

Hello! AND IT’S FINISHED! \\ o // Does any of you actually remember how long has it been since the last chapter of this? *silence in the room* …Hahaha. ಥ⌣ಥ Enjoy these last chapters~

BIG thanks to kushami, Crystal, Christine, Medusa and Tim!!! ヽ(゚ー゚*ヽ)

WE NEED TRANSLATORS! Pretty please, help us by applying, you’d be contributing to release chapters for our wonderful readers to enjoy! Read this and then email us at yaoislife@gmail.com

Enjoy your reading and have a nice day!

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Yaoi is Life’s Anniversary: 2 years with you!

Hi everyone, how are you? Today is our Anniversary, Happy 2nd Birthday to us YiL! ゚+。:.゚ヽ(*´∀`)ノ゚.:。+゚Second year of being around, bringing you more releases, and being equally happy to share all these moments with you! We want to thank everyone who has contributed to our team and made possible we’ve done a lot of the things we’ve done. Our members, what would have been of Yaoi is Life without you, you make this possible in every way. We scanlate together, and we laugh together. We’ve really made friends through this amazing project of a group. Raw providers in general but special thanks to those non-English scanlators who stepped forward to help us with cleaning and whatever we needed, you’re absolutely awesome. To fellow English scanlators, for collaborating with us! And many more, impossible to list, thank you. (。-_-。 )人( 。-_-。)

Now onto the releases! We have completed a whole Jaryuu Dokuro tankoubon for this super special day. ♡^▽^♡ It’ll be taken down in 72 hours so be aware of that, and we’d also prefer if you refrain from uploading to online reading sites. And more Elektel, Hitotsu Futatsu Himitsu and Koisuru Futari no Taion. We hope you enjoy all these, we have certainly done! (♡´艸`)

Enjoy your reading and Happy Anniversary, YiL! ♡♡♡