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EroMan – Kami to Pen to Sex to!!; Ch. 8+Extra -End- (PSYCHE Delico – 彩景でりこ)

Holas, ¿qué tal? Eroman! We’ll definitely miss how nasty (in the good? sense) this manga is. *sob* It’s been waiting for its moment and it works perfectly as an appetizer of such a great Christmas release as the one we’re preparing for you. Be prepared for the feelings!

Thanks to Jess, Sha, Ashe, Becca, Emma, Delia and Tim for these last chapters. (⌒▽⌒)☆

We also have some updates, please bear with us:

(1) As you may already know from previous years, we won’t be having any releases after our Christmas Eve/Christmas release (saving the one we’ll be having in New Year’s), meaning January, until our Anniversary saving for a few counted ones.

(2) Sugar Milk by Jaryuu Dokuro is getting a re-release in Japan, and there will be some extras in the new tankoubon. If you had the opportunity to read our release of Sugar Sugar Sugar, you might know we absolutely love this manga and hold Jaryuu Dokuro in high esteem. We will be scanlating these extras from this new tankoubon as soon as we get the scans so please look forward to them – we cannot wait ourselves, we are ecstatic! :’3 ♡♡♡

Enjoy your reading and have a nice day!

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EroMan – Kami to Pen to Sex to!!; Ch. 6-7 (PSYCHE Delico – 彩景でりこ) & Sayonara Boku no Princess Lolita, Ch. 3 (KONJIKI Runa – 紺色ルナ)

Heyo, hope Saturday’s treating you well so far. And happy second 801 of the year! We bring some Psyche for you. (•ิ_•ิ) ♡ Had fun doing ’em, high resolution of today’s cap here. :P We also apologize for the holdup with Sayonara. To make up for it, this chapter is kind of interesting. *wiggles eyebrows*

Sha, Jess, Rum, Emma and Tim took part on EroMan. Thanks to our joint partners, Ikemen Scans, for Sayonara! Hunt, Nananeechan, Arashinoookami, Weii and Bee worked on it. \(^ ^)/