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SnK dj – Our Fantasy Marriage Theatre (DRAWORDS)

Hi everyone! Sorry for not releasing last week, some RL issues happened and it was impossible. Anyhow! We bring a suuuuuuuper cute Shingeki no Kyojin doujinshi for you… Levi x Eren! We don’t usually work on pairings that don’t include Erw-…, dadd-, … Well, you know. ;-) But this was too cute so we couldn’t resist.

Thanks a bunch to Xi Jie from Yaoi Releases for the scans!! ♥ Shii, Shelby and Tim worked on this! ♡^▽^♡

We SERIOUSLY NEED HELP!! Japanese Translators especially, and a Duster are needed! Apply by emailing us at yaoislife@gmail.com, pretty please!

Happy reading and have a nice day!

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