Smile Kudasai

Author: Mio Junta

Type: Manga

Status: 1 Volume (Complete)

Summary: “Your smile is as cute as that of an angel’s…!” Fast food part-timer, Tachibana Souta receives a love confession over the counter from one of the regulars, a salaryman named Kanzaki Tooru. Because he was causing a scene over the register, Souta relents and gives him his email. After that, he gets messages from him every single day. He thought nothing of them at first, but they’ve been coming in persistently and Souta slowly came to anticipate these messages. But one time, when Souta rejects Kanzaki as per usual, the man tells him, “I won’t come to see you anymore.”

Before he knew it, he had fallen for him. ♥

An outrageous and reckless love development!

☆ Joint with Hoshi Kuzuu and STK ☆


Chapter 1-2.2 ♥ mega, sendspace, online reader
Chapter 2.3
Chapter 3 ♥ mega, sendspace, online reader
Chapter 4
Chapter 5

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