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Do you want to provide raw scans to us?

This section of the site is for people that own original books in Japanese (raws), not Chinese, and can provide scans to us. We would be really happy if anyone can do this for us because it’s almost impossible to find good raws on the Internet.

Also, take care that we cannot accept scans if you are not the scanner of the book you are providing, we need permission from the source!

Canon and Epson scanners required; debound books for HQ scans.

If you have one of these scanners and would not mind to buy a book or a few of them for us but do not know how to purchase them we can give you advice. Our email to contact us is

Right now we have a list about mangas that we want Japanese raws for (updated as of 15/01/2018):

 JARYUU Dokuro – 蛇龍どくろ

 SEIKA – せいか

 Titles that have this icon next to them are not out in tankoubon yet, so the provider would have to wait until it comes out to purchase and scan it.

We will always welcome any new title (be it manga or doujinshi) by Jaryuu Dokuro, Psyche Delico and Kumota Haruko that are running on magazine and/or that have not been listed above because of not knowing about their existence, so please feel free to provide us with new content by them any time no matter the publisher.

Manga titles sometimes get extras that come out in booklet or pamphlet form so if you have any of these from a manga we’ve worked on, please come to us! We’d love to work in them!

We also have a mangakas list, whose works we are interested in and will most likely accept new projects by them if you can provide. Anyway, we are open to more mangakas so you just have to propose the manga(s) you have, just tell us by email. The mangakas are the following ♡ :

8 thoughts on “Provide Raws

  1. Tosh

    If you ever need help getting raws for a Yamamamoto Kotetsuko book, gimme a yell. I’ll cheerfully buy and scan her stuff ANY day.

  2. aomadara

    I have the following Mangas of your list:
    Bouzu Kawai ya Kesa Made Itoshi
    3LDK Ookami Tsuki
    Fukouchuu no Shiawase
    Boku to Sono Tsuzuki o

    And several Mangas from every Mangaka you listed.

  3. Mika

    I have the scanners you require and I’m willing to buy you guys the raws you require but i have no clue where to get them /:

    1. Sara (admin) Post author

      Really sorry to see this only now. > < Thank you for your kind offer, we appreciate it immensenly! We’ve updated the list (since we got a provider for most of the titles we had here before), but the one left runs in magazine and we don’t really know the issues it’s in so that’s why we will wait for the tanko. We’ll keep this updated, so if in the future you’re still up for helping us, don’t hesitate in contacting us again. Thank you very much!


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