12 thoughts on “On Going

  1. kuror

    actually I kinda like the old one, yaoislife.tumblr.com. because when you move it to here, the banner yaoi is life can’t move so I can only see the other half of web. and it’s irritating..

    this is not flame, just a critic for design. but, I do love yaoislife cause you gimme happy life >w<

    1. adminadmin Post author

      We’re sorry you don’t like the new site, but hopefully it won’t give you much trouble. ^^” Thanks for commenting.

  2. fanfan

    hello! i was wondering if you planned to translate Namida Hanamizu Gusyogusyo Danshi 2? i only can find korean scans of it but i’m so disappointed because i was hoping for a translation. thank you so much!

  3. toho

    Hey^^, I just wondering if you still translated Hidoku Shinaide new chapters? I hope you still translated it because not many of scanlator take HS new chapter :( and scanlator who take HS make it hard for us to read it because they dont want to leaked

  4. Anne


    I was wondering if Kami-sama Onegai is still on the ‘to do list’?
    It’s been quit a while since there’s been an update. But please don’t think I’m trying to rush anyone, I know everyone is busy. I was just hoping for more ^^

  5. samantha

    Hey I’m new to this and navigating through these shoes lol. I guess I’m just wondering if you still do renai paradox? ( Please and thank you) Also I’d love to thank you guys for all the time you dedicate to this and all the hard work you do. If I knew how to do any of this is love to help. I am going to sit and teach myself some of the process after the holidays. I bet if feels really awesome taking part in something you truly love.

  6. Kayla

    Hey I was just wondering if you guys were ever going to translate the rest of the chapters for GLOW! since it kind of seems as if all the translations being done just stopped abruptly even though it hasn’t been licensed in english or anything like that.


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