11 thoughts on “On Going

  1. kuror

    actually I kinda like the old one, yaoislife.tumblr.com. because when you move it to here, the banner yaoi is life can’t move so I can only see the other half of web. and it’s irritating..

    this is not flame, just a critic for design. but, I do love yaoislife cause you gimme happy life >w<

    1. adminadmin Post author

      We’re sorry you don’t like the new site, but hopefully it won’t give you much trouble. ^^” Thanks for commenting.

  2. fanfan

    hello! i was wondering if you planned to translate Namida Hanamizu Gusyogusyo Danshi 2? i only can find korean scans of it but i’m so disappointed because i was hoping for a translation. thank you so much!

  3. toho

    Hey^^, I just wondering if you still translated Hidoku Shinaide new chapters? I hope you still translated it because not many of scanlator take HS new chapter :( and scanlator who take HS make it hard for us to read it because they dont want to leaked

  4. Anne


    I was wondering if Kami-sama Onegai is still on the ‘to do list’?
    It’s been quit a while since there’s been an update. But please don’t think I’m trying to rush anyone, I know everyone is busy. I was just hoping for more ^^

  5. samantha

    Hey I’m new to this and navigating through these shoes lol. I guess I’m just wondering if you still do renai paradox? ( Please and thank you) Also I’d love to thank you guys for all the time you dedicate to this and all the hard work you do. If I knew how to do any of this is love to help. I am going to sit and teach myself some of the process after the holidays. I bet if feels really awesome taking part in something you truly love.


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