The people behind Yaoi Is Life

Bee (Typesetter)
Status: Hiatus
Comment: I spend too much on froyo.
Likes: froyo
Dislikes: froyo withdrawal symptoms

Majipan (Japanese Translator)
Status: Hiatus
Comment: Yoroshiku ne (´ω`★)
Likes: traveling, fish, cooking, reading, stockings, muscles, age gaps
Dislikes: noisiness, strong smells, milk

Medusa (Dust Eraser)
Status: Hiatus
Comment: Don’t hate me that much pls ^.^
Likes: Butts, books, videogames, and dogs
Dislikes: Spiders, cockroaches, and life

Niedy (Japanese Translator)
Status: Active
Comment: Why is Monday so far from Friday, and Friday so close to Monday?
Likes: cats, books, travelling & two-dimensional men getting it on with each other
Dislikes: things keeping me from the stuff I like :)

pockystar (Japanese Translator)
Status: Hiatus
Comment: /o\?!?!?!?!?!
Likes: Perpetually happy but not very clever protagonists
Dislikes: Cliffhangers, Female characters who suddenly lose all personality when a male love interest is introduced

rei.shii (Japanese Translator)
Status: Active
Comment: I either sleep or read/listen to yaoi on my free time.
Likes: Seiyuus with sexy voices, manga, food, and being alone.
Dislikes: Crowd, cockroaches, blood, and waking up early in the morning.

Sara (Editor, Qcer, Graphic Artist)
Status: ADMIN, Founder
Comment: Blush, pretty boy, blush. ♡
Likes: Butts, incest, cats
Dislikes: Obnoxious people

Shelby B. (Numberer, English Proofreader)
Status: Active
Comment: Real people have one too many dimensions for my liking.
Likes: puns, grocery shopping, personal space
Dislikes: folding laundry, hardcover books, socks

Tim (Typesetter)
Status: Active
Comment: I’m always laughing.
Likes: comics, cats, cakes, and butts
Dislikes: vegetables

One thought on “Staff

  1. Ellie


    I am a graphic designer with a secret love for yaoi!
    I forgot about it for awhile until I picked it back up again when I suddenly found myself newly unemployed. And so after reading a few online, I decided to offer my services to a good scanlation team.

    I would like to help you with cleaning or english proofing, whichever you need most. Since I’m a designer, I’m well versed in photoshopping but never actually did one for manga cleanings. Please let me know if you need help!

    Thanks again.




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