☆*:・゚✧Happy 5th Anniversary✧・゚:*☆

Hello everyone! We are gathered here today to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Yaoi is Life!!!

It’s hard to believe that it has been half a decade already. Typically, we would be celebrating our anniversary in January, as you may or may not have noticed. Alas! The circumstances of real life got in the way and we found ourselves in June before we knew it. But, better late then never. Many thanks to our raw providers, collaborators and staff of past and present; it has be a pleasure working with all of you. And to our readers, thank you for sticking with us all these years. So, here’s to 5 years and the hopes of many more (⌒▽⌒)♡

That being said, our team has a few holes in need of filling •̀.̫•́✧ We need dedicated Cleaners, Japanese Translators, Typesetters and Dust Erasers.  Are you a virgin to scanlating? That’s fine, we offer training… don’t worry, we’ll be gentle. Check out the Join Us! page for information on these positions. Email us at yaoislife2@gmail.com if you’re willing and able.

In honour of our 5th anniversary, we bring to you a slew of releases from not one, two or three, but four of our projects: five chapters of Brothers+, the remaining four chapters of BxP Anx (;-;), Psychedelics 010 (which contains a Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla extra from a pamphlet we got our hands on thanks to donations from you readers!), and the first four chapters of Hebikui Tori a.k.a Snake-eating Bird. And so, without any ado whatsoever, here are the releases!


Happy reading~


P.S. If you love our anniversary graphics (kindly made by Xi Jie ❤), the original art can be found in Aniya Yuiji’s fanbook: 阿仁谷ユイジBLワークス Baiser. It includes 35 colour images, an interview, and lots of bonus comics from past works, including a 4-page bonus from Mic and Neo that we will be working on.

48 thoughts on “☆*:・゚✧Happy 5th Anniversary✧・゚:*☆

  1. yuuro

    HAPPY 5TH ANNIVERSARY!!!! Thank you so much for the releases and I hope we’ll get to celebrate many more with you guys!!!!!

  2. gwendelp

    Happy Anniversary to you !! so much good bl in your release !! thank you very much for your work

  3. tesh

    Happy anniversary :) thanks so much for your lovely treats. can you please check if it is only me – when i downloaded your releases i get an error message saying that the format is either an unknown format or damaged

    1. SaraSara

      Thanks! That’s strange. You tried both mega and sendspace, right? The format is the one we’ve always used, .rar. Sometimes, if your Internet connection is slow (this has happened to me), files do not get completely downloaded, meaning that the downloading process is interrupted, and that the file (only partially downloaded), gives that error when you try to open it. Please check if this is the issue!

    1. Sara (admin)Sara (admin)

      You’re welcome! We absolutely don’t! About Hebikui Tori: we didn’t know at all. So many publishers are popping out and so many others are now working on different genres, including yaoi, that it’s hard to keep up with. We’ll take it down shortly, thanks for pointing that out.

  4. mizuqueen

    thank you for the release. your hard work is much appreciated. until we meet again best wishes and regards.

  5. tokkei12

    Happy anniversary! Thank you for these releases and for all of your hard work these past five years!

  6. Daelah

    Happy 5th Anniversary, I wish you many more to come and thank you so much for the wonderful treats!

  7. cherry_lips347

    ♪:*:。*・☆* (。>∀∀< 。)ТΗАЙΚУОЦ H A P PУ   5th A nNiVЁЯSA Я Ц|・ω・)ノ[轡]

  8. Saya_Loveless

    Happy Anniversary!! Thanks for all the hard work you guys do. Thanks for all the wonderful new releases!!

  9. Maute50

    Thank you very much for your hard work to share so many wonderful releases today, I’m really looking forward to read!!


  10. Yuneko

    Nyappy 5th Anniversary, YiL! ♥
    Thankies for the treats and all others, these past five years!
    Hope to see you all soon, and well~ Take care!!

  11. ngoc

    A BIG HAPPY 5th Anniversary to Yaoi Is Life team! Love all your hard work and dedication to bringing awesome BL stories to the English fans!


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