It’s been some time indeed.

Hello guys, I want to apologize for the one month hiatus the group has been in. It’s the typical thing you’ve probably already heard of “it’s my fault,” and it is.

My mom has been diagnosed with the c word (I don’t even dare writing it), and it’s been hard, really hard. It happened one day in the afternoon when we went to the doctor and it was just a routinary visit until the doctor touched something weird in her chest and from there everything has been a blur as the days passed: lots of tests and going to the hospital more frequently than I’d like to be there. Next Thursday we’ll get the final results and we’ll see from there. I’m telling you all this because I think I owe everyone an explanation, and because I miss very much releasing every Saturday and reading your comments and your thanks, I really do.

Well, I think that’s it for my explanation as I don’t have much more to say, I just want the doctors to tell me my mom is going to be okay, and I’ll get my answer to that on Thursday. We will see you next Saturday with a release, make sure you visit us and drop us a comment! ❤

PS: All emails have been replied to saving two, so check your email if you were waiting for a reply from us.

17 thoughts on “It’s been some time indeed.

  1. Xi Jie

    It is definitely not your fault, and you don’t owe us an explanation, not at all. But it’s good that you could share it with us, I hope you’ll receive lots of supportive comments, and above all, the best news possible this Thursday.

  2. Rini

    Hello, it’s very sad to hear such a message. I’d like to send my support to your mum, you and your family. I’m glad it was discovered in routine check up, rather than by later sympthoms. Let’s hope for the best and make sure to take care of yourself; no need to apologise for proritising real life over yaoi. Thank you for all your hard work and lots of luck to everyone involved with the current situation<3

  3. heill

    Hi, hello, don’t blame yourself please :'( because you shared your translations with free. I hope you mother will get well soon, please take care too :D thank you so much for all of your hardwork for giving us translations. Cheer up! Everything will be okay! :D

  4. freres

    Thank you for the update. You have my sympathy and support. Take the time you need in order to take care of your family _and_ yourself.

  5. Kelly

    Best wishes on treatment and a speedy recovery. A long road ahead, but remember to take good care of yourself as well as your mom. <3

  6. Roy13

    Hi, Sara!

    I just want to say that you must have faith and believe that your mother will have treatment and going to get healthy again. I know what you passing through and you need to stay strong and positive, for you and your mother!

    Hugs dear!

  7. Shay

    I really hope for good news for you. Thats not easy, so its no way no how your fault for not releasing anything. I think everyone is an agreement that take care of your mom, focus on that cause its important. :3

  8. Alex

    Sending you guys the strongest love and support vibes I possibly can. It’s good that the doctor found it during the exam. Now it’s time to hope for the best and help her stay strong. Best wishes!

  9. Andr0medA

    That’s very kind of you to let others know of your reasons, and I can definitely respect that. I’m sad to hear about the news. It’s not pleasant but it isn’t hopeless either. I hope you and your family, especially your mom, are and will continue to be well. I wish you all well~

  10. Ana

    Hello, i just wanted to wish to you and your family health and strength. And a speedy and complete recovery for you mom “1 mil hugs” May God bless and protect you all!

  11. Div

    Please take all the time you need. You guys do this for free for everyone and honestly I can relate to what you are going through. When my mom had to be hospitalized it was really tough dealing with work homelife and all that stuff. Well no that stuff was easy. What was tough was coping with my fear over what would happen to my mom. Our best wishes are with you . Good luck


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