Announcement: licensed titles and dropped projects

Hello everybody! We have an announcement to make concerning some titles of ours. First of all, since Hidoku Shinaide was licensed (and released already!), one way or the other, SuBLime will most likely be doing Yasashiku Shinaide as well so we will drop it. We planned on continuing it, but since they’re using the covers of the doujinshis, the content of those will probably be released by them too.

Second, Juné has licensed Eroman – Kami to Pen to Sex to!! and Nokorimono ni wa Ai ga Aru?! by Psyche Delico, so we already have ceased distribution of the former and taken down all our DL and online reader links, and the second title will be dropped from our Future Projects list. Someone also told us that Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla has been licensed as well, but I cannot seem to find evidence of that. Would anyone have a link to a news or the like to confirm it? If yes, we’d be taking down links for that too.

Edit: Thanks to quite a few kind individuals, we now know that indeed Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla has been licensed by Juné. Plus, they have licensed Despicable too, so we’ll also be removing links for this title next week (make sure to download if you haven’t yet!). According to them, these titles will have “Print Editions Coming Soon in Summer 2017”. Concerning Yasashiku Shinaide, commenter Moon has kindly made clear the use of the YS doujinshi covers and that SuBLime will not be working on the doujinshis, so this project will go back to our Ongoing Projects List. Thanks everyone for your help!

We’ll also be dropping Sono Toki wa Tada Kokoro by Umiyuki Lily because we are not interested in it anymore. However, we have raws for the whole volume, so if your group is interested in working on it -NOT FOR READING, NOT FOR SAMPLES, ONLY IF YOU’RE ACTUALLY GOING TO RELEASE IT- you’re welcome to contact us.

Lastly, we have been having a hard time with the joint for Ano ko to Juliet by Kojima Lalako, which was a joint with BangAQUA, so we will, unfortunately, be dropping that too. We are very sorry about this, hopefully they will continue it on their own. If they do not, we could do it if we had a raw provider for the last 3 chapters – we never got scans for the whole thing, and the scans were theirs.

Please make sure to buy a copy of the licensed titles when they’re out in order to support the yaoi industry in English and the mangakas! (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚*

10 thoughts on “Announcement: licensed titles and dropped projects

  1. shima

    thanks so much for the updates!! too bad for nokorimono, cause as far as i know, they did have licensed it since a few years back, but i dont think they have it published yet. that was one of the titles i’ve been looking forward to buy when it’s up for sale, but sadly i haven’t seen it till now. (or probably i’ve lost my chance in buying them a few years ago?) i did see it in DMG’s upcoming title, but no release date, sadly.. TT^TT

    1. Sara (admin)Sara (admin) Post author

      I saw it in their Upcoming Titles List too, but, as you say, there is no release date. Maybe someone knows something and can comment here, if there are any updates at all on Nokorimono.

  2. groovygirl

    Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla has been licensed by June, they sent out an email announcement for it and for Inu mo Kuwanai late last week.

  3. moon

    Sublime won’t release dj unless they specifically announce because of different legal procedure in licensing, they mention this way back when fans request for title that actually a dj. Regarding the cover, they use different cover because they release 2in1 and Libre too published new rehash book with new cover.

    Also, pity those book that are licensed by DMP, we probably have to wait 5 years for them to publish those (not a stretch, happen to Does the Flower Bloom?).


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