Hi everyone! Sorry for the silence and not posting yesterday but we’ve had thunderstorms over here and it’s been impossible to even start the computer just it case it’d fry out like last year… Anyway! More Gestalt, please enjoy. ♡ ^ o ^ ♡ Btw! The books arrived so go over Tumblr and check them! Thanks everyone who contributed!!

Thanks to pocky, Elena, Medusa and Tim!!! (。⌒∇⌒)。

Please, we REALLY need Translators, help us by applying, pretty please! ( p_q)

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15 thoughts on “GESTALT, CH. 5 (OOTSUKI MIU – 大槻ミゥ)

  1. Xi Jie

    Thank you very much!! More Ootsuki Miu!!
    I thought Tanaka might not grow up that much and never be taller than Kuroe, but I’m happy with how he turned out hehe ^^


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