Fundraiser: Kumota Haruko, Psyche Delico & Jaryuu Dokuro

Hi everyone! After the release of Psychedelics 010 and a bunch of Kumota Haruko stuff getting released as well we’ve thought of raising some cash to buy all that marvellous stuff. Being students we don’t have all the money in the world so if you can help us, even if it’s one buck, it’ll help a lot! We’ll be paying the shipping costs ourselves but we’d need the rest, which is around 80€ ~ $88USD.

As we’ll be buying all this stuff through auctions, raising the cash kind of has a ‘deadline’ to it. They are 5 auctions total, the first one starting in 19 hours from the moment this post is published and the last being in 5 days.

We’ve placed two donate buttons on our website (on the sidebar): one in $USD and another one in €EUR so you know exactly what amount you’re sending to us. We will be updating the amount raised constantly so you know when we’ve raised our goal.

Of course, this is not a MUST for you to do. Our releases will always be for free, and that will stay that way. This fundraiser is only to help us if you want, which we’ll appreciate a lot.

Thanks very much if you can support us and spread the word! We’ll keep you posted!

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