Sayonara Boku no Princess Lolita, Ch. 5-6 -End- (KONJIKI Runa – 紺色ルナ)

Hey~ There we go with the end of Sayonara. Thanks very much to our joint partners Ikemen Scans, they’re awesome girls~

Thanks to Hunt for providing us this book! Nananeechan, Arashinoookami, Weii and Tim worked on this. (。・ω・。)

We need Translators who can join and help us with our projects as we have no active translators at the moment and it’s seriously affecting some important mangas of our list. No experience needed, but a great command of both English and Japanese is needed.

Enjoy your reading and have a nice day!

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21 thoughts on “Sayonara Boku no Princess Lolita, Ch. 5-6 -End- (KONJIKI Runa – 紺色ルナ)

  1. chummiichum

    Thank you so much for all your hardwork.
    Now that this volume is complete, I was wondering if you have any plans to translate the sequel(Ryuusei to Ginga)in the future?

  2. Lint

    Thanks for the release and congrats on completing yet another project. Hope you guys find some help as well! Seems like translators are always the ones in highest demand.


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