3-manen no Kareshi, Ch. 6 -End- (MIO Junta – 三尾じゅん太) & Renai Paradox, Vol. 1 Ch. 5 (TENNOUJI Mio – 天王寺ミオ)

Hello. We firstly want to express our condolences for the victims of Nice two days ago (it is tragic that Hollande was going to suspend the state of emergency just that day but now has declared it for another 3 months…), the police officers of Dallas, the Orlando victims and the people that encountered death not long ago in Baghdad as well (we’re probably missing some, but it’s just crazy that it’s difficult counting the dead because of so many attacks as of late…). Whoever thinks terrorism is good and it’s okay to kill people, well… those are fucked up in the head, what can we say.

As promised, we have a double release this week. We finish 3-manen finally and continue with Renai Paradox! These two should get together soon, geez. In the meantime it’s fun to see how desperate they get, HAHA. Btw, who’s fangirling over GoT, OITNB and Pokémon GO? Man, so many great stuff has come out this year!

Thanks to Aikan and Aikawa, Hoshi, Shani, Ashe, Elena, Sagitt and Tim. ~(^з^)-☆

WE NEED TRANSLATORS! Pretty please, help us by applying, you’d be contributing to release chapters for our wonderful readers to enjoy! Read this and then email us at yaoislife@gmail.com

Enjoy your reading and have a nice day!




34 thoughts on “3-manen no Kareshi, Ch. 6 -End- (MIO Junta – 三尾じゅん太) & Renai Paradox, Vol. 1 Ch. 5 (TENNOUJI Mio – 天王寺ミオ)

  1. freres

    Thanks very much for the completion of 3-manen and continuation of Renai Paradox. Your hard work is very much appreciated.

  2. laketica

    omg you guys are awesome, thank you for the releases!!! and I’m sorry, I wish I could help as a translator but I can’t =T

  3. Sana

    Welcome back and thank you very much for the new releases!
    Congrats on finishing another project as well ^^

  4. DaraBee

    Thanks for the release! Hmm actually finally started watching GoT this season lol. Not too sure about that Pokemon Go. People seem to forget its a game and end up getting hurt/killed!

  5. mizuqueen

    thank you for the release, your hard work is much appreciated. until we meet again best wishes & regards.

  6. dsysmith

    Wow, I missed so many releases since around my return trip.. Thankfully the links are all here. Thank you very much for your hard work and keeping all these here safely!!


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