Love and Baseball, Ch. 4+Extra -End- (YAMAMOTO Kotetsuko – 山本小鉄子)

Hi everyone! How is your Saturday going so far? We have Love and Baseball for you today! With this we wrap up yet another project, yay~ These boys are so, so sweet and adorable… (´▽`ʃƪ)♡

14/02: Very sorry for being late with replying to emails, but I’ve been with a terrible headache for a couple days that wouldn’t let me look at a screen without a sharp pain making its appearance (barely posted yesterday’s release). You will get an email from us soon if you were waiting. Sorry again! All emails have been replied to!

Thanks very much to Kain from Fairy Rose, pocky, Elena and Tim! (*´ ˘ `*)

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Enjoy your reading and have a nice day!

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22 thoughts on “Love and Baseball, Ch. 4+Extra -End- (YAMAMOTO Kotetsuko – 山本小鉄子)

  1. tyl

    Thank you very much for the release. ^^ Hope you feel better soon. I just wanted to ask if the extra chapter for this manga is missing or hasn’t been uploaded yet since the links on the online reader aren’t working and it isn’t uploaded on batoto too.

  2. hitachiinlover

    Thanks so much! This is a cute project! Yamamoto Kotetsuko has some of the most consistently cute work of any mangaka I can think of right now. Thanks for all your hard work!


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