We’re (kind of) back!

Kind of because we’re still on exams, but all problems with my computer and Internet are solved so we will have a release this week. Thanks for your patience with us, as well as our English joint partners, Raw Providers and everyone who have sent an email. :-)

We also want to ask people out there that want to help us out, as we really need staff right now. The lack of new staff might even affect our releasing schedule, something we never thought of before. Applicants must have a fair amount of free time (and not for a couple weeks only). Especially for cleaners, please, as we have to train you.

Japanese Translators especially are needed. We do really, really need help. If you’re up for it, please read our “Join Us” section for more info and email us the info you have to fill from there. We’ll shoot you a test and hopefully we can get some help! The same applies to other positions we’re re-opening, here descriptions of each:

  • Japanese Translator: you must be able to translate from Japanese to English with or without furigana (as most of our projects do not have furigana). No previous experience in scanlation is necessary but a high command of both Japanese and English is required.
  • Cleaner: in case you have no experience we offer to train you if you have a graphic tablet and are willing to become a long term member.
  • Numberer: consists of a secret task. No prior experience needed, just must be responsible and have a lot of free time, the rest is easy (you just need yourself and a maid costume. Wait, that last thing is probably not it :P).
  • Dust Eraser: consists of cleaning the dust from the background of the pages to lighten the cleaner’s workload.  No prior experience needed, just must be responsible and have a lot of free time, as this position is to help quicken the cleaning process, not to slow it even more.

If you’re able to spread the word around, we’d be forever grateful. Thank you for your help as always, see you tomorrow!

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