Sorry for the late replies lately. In addition to exams starting on the 25th (this next Monday), my computer got broken and it’s been impossible to answer emails and keep up with stuff. Emails will be replied to today hopefully since my computer is back and everything will be back on track completely by tomorrow. Sorry for the inconveniences and your understanding. Have a nice day everyone!

Edit on Tuesday, 26/05/2015: our sincere apologies for the lack of update this past Saturday, my Internet service decided to join the “Let’s Stop Working” party and I’m currently without it. Hopefully, next Saturday we’ll have a release if the service is back and I can get Photoshop installed. All emails have been replied to, though, so that’s taken care of. Sorry for the inconveniences.

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  1. freres

    Thanks for the update. Hopefully the (temporary) loss of your computer did not adversely affect your end-of-term studying too much. Hope your exams go well.

    1. adminadmin Post author

      Not much, but the loss of my Internet service has. Sorry for late replies, and thank you for your understanding and support! My exams are going well so far, thank you. ^^


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